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John R. Walker

Mail Address:
Shepherd Cottage
LL55 3DE
United Kingdom

Notice to all Publishers, Webmasters, Directory Compilers, Newsgroup Managers and so on

With effect from 01/12/2004 you may not, without written permission, publish any Email address in the,,,, or domains on the internet in any form either as text or as links (whether encrypted or not), or in any form of directory in any other medium, from which unauthorised harvesting of Email addresses can be performed .  You may publish any relevant URL but that is all.

Abuse from Unsolicited Commercial Email and other forms of  Electronic Marketing

With effect from 02 January, 2002 AccData will operate a policy of Zero Tolerance with respect to Unsolicited Commercial Email and other unsolicited marketing through electronic communications methods.  We do not accept unsolicited sales, marketing, information, or survey contacts by Email, phone, VOIP, SMS or fax.  The given phone numbers are registered with the Telephone Preference Service.

There are NO generic Email addresses in the,,,, or domains which are legally subscribed to any UCE/SPAM distribution lists and all such addresses already in your possession by illegal means must be removed.  If in doubt - ASK!  With effect from 01 January, 2009 ALL U.K. based offenders will be invoiced - minimum 25.00 GBP per incident.  If the unsolicited marketing is sent by an agency, both the agency and the beneficiary will be invoiced.

From 31/10/2003 the EU Directive 2002/58/EC on Privacy and Electronic Communications (which includes unsolicited commercial communications via all electronic media) will be strictly enforced - no warnings will be issued.  The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 came into legal force on 11/12/2003 in the UK.

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